WiStat Solutions is a company specialized in the development of interception equipment with a long record on product design providing technology solutions to national intelligence and law enforcement departments in their goal to ensure homeland security and prevention of terrorism.
As experts in RF technology, our developments are 100% WiStat and this gives us a huge flexibility to adaptation. WiStat products are specially designed to improve their versatility and provide customized solutions in countless scenarios for other industries as well.
We are flexible to provide the best option to our customers, either offering product-as-a-service, IT consulting or product-as-a-project offering the intellectual property of our developments.
WiStat offers exclusive products & services developed under the highest requirements and quality standards.
Our previous products & projects are the guarantee we provide fully valuable technology to the industry.
At the heart of WiStat Solutions is our team committed to innovation & people, pillars of our high trust organization.