We are specialists in the development of interception equipment with a long record on product design providing technology solutions to national intelligence, related companies and law enforcement departments in their goal to ensure homeland security.



WiStat Solutions SL is a company founded in Spain, headquartered in Madrid.

We usually satisfy our customers with a product-as-a-project, which means we transfer the intellectual property of a development. This sometimes implies the company dissolution as a legal requirement and for this reason WiStat Solutions was registered in 2017 with a new team and brand new technologies.



WiStat team is a mix of professionals with engineering and management complementary backgrounds. We are specialized in wireless technology, Wi-Fi and embedded systems.

As a result of our skills, experience and passion we develop our products with the highest requirements and quality standards.  

WiStat offers exclusive products & services developed under the highest requirements and quality standards.
Our previous products & projects are the guarantee we provide fully valuable technology to the industry.
At the heart of WiStat Solutions is our team committed to innovation & people, pillars of our high trust organization.