engineering and development team is highly experienced in solutions for defense and law enforcement. We have a long record in IT projects and development of embedded systems for government intelligence agencies and law enforcement bodies as well as private companies operating in the public sector.

It is remarkable the contrast between the complexity of our developments and the simplicity of their interfaces. Our products are specially designed on a user-friendly basis so there is no need for expert operators. This makes our tools very valuable to apply in real critical situations.


With more than ten years of experience working in cybersecurity solutions, WiStat has a background in communication legal interception and other security activities for national and international security bodies.

As experts in wireless technology, we have developed exclusive systems for logical security and cybersecurity to protect sensible physical areas and specially protected or classified networks.

Our previous experience for security, intelligence and law enforcement organizations and our highly skilled engineers for R&D innovations make our exclusive developments highly valuable and competitive worldwide.

WiStat offers exclusive products & services developed under the highest requirements and quality standards.
Our previous products & projects are the guarantee we provide fully valuable technology to the industry.
At the heart of WiStat Solutions is our team committed to innovation & people, pillars of our high trust organization.