WiStat know-how is our biggest asset. It is
based in a continuous learning process, focused on research in the fields of technology, specifically the one related to radio frequency, security and communication products. In our laboratory, we love analyzing new products recently appeared on the market to evaluate its capabilities and limitations.

We are always trying to update our knowledge assisting to training courses, conferences and others in order to upgrade our know how and produce brand new technologies.



We usually work offering a product-as-a-project, with intellectual property as our main product and service. The development of any unique project based on knowledge and experience, requires a very specific management of this asset.

WiStat Solutions offers a good and secure framework for handling our assets and our customers' assets. 

The transfer of IP sometimes implies the company dissolution as a legal requirement and for this reason WiStat Solutions was registered in 2017.

WiStat offers exclusive products & services developed under the highest requirements and quality standards.
Our previous products & projects are the guarantee we provide fully valuable technology to the industry.
At the heart of WiStat Solutions is our team committed to innovation & people, pillars of our high trust organization.