Our electronic sensors capture all Wi-Fi activity with great accuracy. They can detect mobiles, tablets and such devices through their transmissions.  Deploys quickly and works outdoors and indoors. Applicable to as many places as you can imagine.

Our unique system is the fastest, most sensitive and most reliable in the market.


As experts in signal detection, we can adapt the big data collection to the needs of each market collecting only the relevant data for each specific purpose. 

Our sensors are specially designed for passive detection. For this reason and our commitment to privacy rules, no identifying data nor personal-correlated data is collected. All aggregated and single data we provide guarantee the individual’s privacy rights.

No personal or sensitive information is collected.


One of our mayor concerns is privacy and data security. We have a proven record in what concerns to protecting data and privacy rights for our clients and their customers.

WiStat provides for the private sector a passive big data collection, made in a non invasive way where no personal data is collected, only basic device data is collected.

Committed to our privacy priorities, we do not collect personal data nor identifiable data. However, for further privacy protection, we can adapt to the project acquirer privacy rules and policies, converting any detected data to make it untraceable and uncorrelated to neither the device nor its owner.

WiStat Solutions' previous engagements with intelligence agencies and law enforcement departments are a guarantee we take very seriously all privacy and security issues.


WiStat offers exclusive products & services developed under the highest requirements and quality standards.
Our previous products & projects are the guarantee we provide fully valuable technology to the industry.
At the heart of WiStat Solutions is our team committed to innovation & people, pillars of our high trust organization.